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Winawood Benches & Planters

Winawood, the zero-maintenance outdoor furniture you’ve been looking for.

Combining the latest manufacturing ring techniques and using both new and recycled polymer materials, we have successfully produced a range of outdoor furniture that combines the appearance of wood (including a natural wood grain effect) with the durability and maintenance characteristics of man-made items. 
The colour and grain is not only visible on the surface but is embedded through the material. It’s the same colour all the way through, just like real wood!

Winawood is not painted, Winawood will never need to be recoloured!

The colour is encased in the polymer material. Sand the top layer of any item and you will find the same colour underneath the visible surface.  All of our designs are patented and exclusive.

Supplied with a 3 year limited guarantee. Each bench comes with a small sanding block for easy maintenance.

All of the items in the ranges are available in teak, stone grey, grey, powder blue or duck egg green.
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