Thinking Sustainably

Thinking Sustainably

We know the world wants and needs to change and it is our commitment to ensure we do our part in protecting the environment.

For this reason, Winawood has combined the latest manufacturing techniques, using recycled polymer materials to achieve a unique and durable product that takes good care of the World we live in.

Winawood is made from recycled polymer materials, this reduces the need to grow, harvest or extract new raw materials from the Earth.

Winawood is fully recyclable, meaning that the materials can be reused and converted into future products.


Genuine Recycling

With a zero-waste mindset, Winawood has been on a mission to do something meaningful for future generations using recycled and reusable polymer materials to create stunning and durable items.

Winawood's manufacturing processes aim to reduce the overall environmental impact, such as minimizing energy consumption or utilizing eco-friendly practices.

The long-lasting nature of Winawood sets it apart from other products, and longer-lasting items contribute to a reduction in the need for frequent replacements, which can be more sustainable in the long run.



Certifications and Standards

Winawood® is certified to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) which certifies the use of recycled materials from the source to the final product and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are drastically minimised. 

Some key aims and features of the GRS include:

  • Verification of Recycled Content: The GRS ensures that products claiming to be made with recycled materials meet specific criteria for the percentage of recycled content.
  • Chain of Custody: The standard includes requirements for tracking the flow of materials throughout the supply chain, ensuring transparency and traceability.
  • Social and Environmental Practices: The GRS incorporates criteria related to social and environmental practices, encouraging sustainable and ethical production processes.
  • Chemical Restrictions: There are restrictions on the use of certain chemicals in the manufacturing process to promote environmental and human health.


    Packaging Practices

    In 2023 Winawood implemented sustainable packaging practices which aim to minimize the environmental impact of packaging materials throughout their lifecycle.


    All packaging are functional, using lightweight materials and minimizing the amount of packaging needed providing adequate protection and without compromising product safety. 

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