Holly Folding Hanging Chair



The Holly Single Folding Hanging Cocoon Seat is the perfect feature seating item for your summer garden. The unique design has a real wow-factor and everyone will want a go! 

The frame is steel so there are no worries about it falling over. Furthermore, the aluminium frame means that this chair is weather resistant, this includes rain, UV rays and cold temperatures. The Terylene Light Grey Rope Rattan Weave is strong and resistant to harsh weather. It also has a simple, earthy bamboo feel whilst also being modern in design.

This hanging seat comes with a seat cushion that is super plump so it will hold its shape. The seat is collapsible, which means that you can easily and neatly store it away in the colder months. It comes in a charcoal grey.


  • Range: Innovators International
  • Model Number: YBG-8008
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Steel, Aluminium and Terylene Rope
  • Dimensions: L: 100cm x W: 96cm x H: 196cm